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How to update Starlink?

Starlink, the satellite internet company founded by SpaceX in 2015, has launched thousands of low Earth orbit satellites since 2018, and its internet connection is now available to the public after completing the beta testing phase.

Although it has not published an official list of firmware changes, users on Reddit often track the update schedule.

It’s important to keep your device firmware updated to improve its performance and security.

Why are firmware updates important?

Firmware is the embedded operating system that controls and communicates with hardware. It manages hardware and provides functionality to the user.

Firmware updates are important because they improve compatibility with newer devices, increase security, stability, and correct known errors.

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How to determine firmware version?

The quickest way to check the firmware version on your Starlink device is by using the official Starlink mobile app. Note that the software that runs the Starlink satellite is different from the firmware that runs the router.

To check the firmware version, log into the Starlink app, select “Settings,” click “Advanced,” and scroll down to the “Starlink” option to see the current firmware version of your terminal.

How to update firmware in Starlink?

Unlike other devices, firmware updates on Starlink devices are done automatically without user intervention.

Devices are updated to the latest version remotely. Updates are released in multiple phases and sometimes can take several days to reach all users.

Some users have discovered that manually restarting their Starlink device causes it to check and install any available firmware updates.

How to update Starlink app?

The Starlink app also needs to be regularly updated to keep up with the latest advances in network security. To update the app, search for the Starlink app in the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), click “Update,” and wait for the download and installation to complete.

Starlink continues to expand its network of satellites and improve its service to bring high-speed internet to remote locations around the world. Keep your Starlink devices updated to ensure the best possible internet experience.

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